Water Above Ground Optimizer

Optimize your above ground water and wastewater assets easily

Optimize above ground water assets, easily. Predict and optimize risk levels across your above ground water and wastewater assets. Go from data to insight. Fast. An intuitive, visual dashboard that automatically generates risk reports, WAGO guides you through the asset planning process so you can understand the implications of budget constraints and risks, and determine which assets are most likely to fail and when.


Want to hear more about this product?

Mary John

Head of Arcadis Connections & Collaboration

Want to hear more about this product?

Turn the tide in predicting and optimizing above ground water and wastewater assets.


From data to insight. Fast.

Unique in the water sector, go from data to insight rapidly, proven to provide 20% efficiency improvements compared to traditional approaches for a more sustainable future.



Fast results

Quickly visualize and identify high risk above ground assets that are most likely to fail. Make investment decisions that will lead to financial and operational success.



See fast results

Quickly visualize and identify high risk above ground assets. See evidence-based outcomes clearly, so you can easily decide your next course of action.


Discover Water Above Ground Optimizer

  • You are in control - Unique data mapping to ensure quality data inputs. You can quickly run and re-run predictions now and in the future with easy-to-understand visualization and reports.

  • Investment planning in safe hands - Intuitive and understandable, you’ll get high-value asset insights rapidly, so you can make robust, data-driven investment decisions, balancing risk and performance with confidence.

  • Expertise at your fingertips - Intuitive and understandable: get high-value asset insights more rapidly than traditional modeling approaches. Go from data to insights. Fast.

  • Plan with confidence - Get the insights you need to create robust, data-driven investment decisions. Balance corporate risk and investment performance with insights you can trust.

  • Outcomes you can trust - Decades of advanced, sector-specific analytics and optimization experience, at your fingertips.

  • Easy to use - Get set up quickly on a safe and secure cloud-based app, for immediate business insights.


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