A web-based cost optimization tool that enables asset intensive organizations to manage the costs and risks associated with their investments, throughout the asset lifecycle.

On large programs with multiple suppliers and a variety of contract mechanisms, it can be difficult to accurately estimate capital project and maintenance costs. This can result in inefficient and ineffective commercial disputes and cost overruns. Using Arcadis’s maintained database of industry standard contract norms, CCES gives you greater visibility and helps ensure accuracy and consistency across the asset lifecycle.

CCES supports the estimating, procurement and transactions associated with all aspects of the asset lifecycle, from the earliest stages of strategic planning to design and operation. Designed to manage any form of contract, CCES enhances visibility and transparency of cost across maintenance activities and projects and ensures accuracy and consistency across all stakeholders.

Want to hear more about this product?

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Want to hear more about this product?

Contact us today to find out how you could:

  • Improve supplier contract negotiation, cashflow, forecasting and predictability

  • Access a unique industry knowledge base of contract norms based on Arcadis’s extensive project management, cost and commercial and contracting experience

  • Create improvement efficiencies resulting in up to 20% ROI

  • Create a consistent approach and baseline for estimates, reducing the risk of unforeseen events

  • Improve visibility of costs and easily identify the cost of inflation, risk uncertainties, allowances and levels of profit and productivity

  • Enhance the level of certainty associated with an investment estimate

  • Build in-house knowledge base of costs and risks associated with maintenance activities and projects

  • Reduce the likelihood of risks associated with inaccuracies in cost for CAPEX, REVEX, and OPEX

  • Improve the efficiency of the estimating and procurement process through the provision of a unified platform

  • Review your procurement strategies based upon improved knowledge base of cost and risk

  • Accurately benchmark and validate estimates

  • Streamline and automate business processes through integration with finance and organizational ERP platforms

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