Digitally model your entire network in this comprehensive, enterprise-wide, asset, performance, and safety management solution.

From track and civils, stations and premises, to rolling stock and yards - bring together all your asset classes for a single source of truth. With our Vertically Integrated Railway EAM solution say goodbye to multiple management tools, software that can’t manage complex asset portfolios and time-consuming manual reporting


Discover an EAM solution that creates a digital representation of your physical enterprise for effective asset management and smarter decision making.


By seamlessly managing all your assets in a single solution, you get real-time information on the status of your assets, network operators have the information they need to manage disruptions, and customer-facing teams can keep passengers informed and the transport network moving.

Key accountabilities:

  • Optimized processes: built on industry-specific business processes, covering multiple transportation modes and asset classes
  • Capacity generation: integrated views of actual and planned performance, linked to operational systems to maximize asset utilization
  • Lifecycle cost control: combines cost information, performance modeling and degradation to enable advanced modeling of different maintenance regimes for better decision making
  • Intelligent infrastructure: Internet of Things (IoT) components provide near real-time visibility on performance
  • Business intelligence: pre-configured reporting suite enables near real-time visibility and management of all aspects of performance and compliance
  • Integrated health and safety: visibility of health and safety management information in a single solution


Contact us today to find out how you could:

  • Improve reliability of physical assets across your network
  • Reduce maintenance and operation costs by up to 20%
  • Boost passenger satisfaction and reduce disruption across your network
  • Improve forecasting to yield up to 20% savings in resource and materials costs
  • Make decisions with confidence
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