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Costa Coffee, United Kingdom

In 2018, following their acquisition by Coca-Cola, Costa Coffee revealed significant global growth ambitions that merited major upgrades to their existing systems. One particular goal was to refurbish and revitalize over 1,000 new and existing Costa Coffee shops around the UK.

For that, they needed a one-stop-shop for retail excellence.

Enter Arcadis Gen’s portfolio project management solution and expertise. With a range of offerings from design, commercial, program and project management activities, Gen delivered on Costa’s need to manage this ambitious project, allowing them to:

Become the biggest coffee shop chain in the UK

Open 220+ new outlets in the country

Manage over £18 million in investment with significant ROI

The Challenge
Costa Coffee had big plans. To solidify their position as one of the biggest coffee chains in the world, they devised specific localized approaches for their target regions. In the UK, this was the Costa Renewals Program – a massive undertaking that involved refurbishing and opening of over 1,000+ stores and ensure that each outlet is of the highest quality to attract millions of current and new customers each year.

The Solution
A one-stop-shop for retail excellence.

Costa Coffee needed an integrated solution that combines site details, project data, schedules, costs, risks, changes, and documentation all in one place. With Gen’s portfolio project management solution, Costa now has access to an integrated and easy-to-use tool that could manage the program from ideation to completion.

The tool allows Costa to capture all project and property information in a single location, with a built-in, real-time reporting capability that helps the team identify risks and plan interventions, and use project data outputs to provide an accurate record of all the works.

The Result
With the help of this project, Costa was able to open 220+ new stores and optimize £18 million in investment to date, solidifying their place as one of the world’s biggest coffee chains

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Mark Parsons,

Proposition Development

Mark leads the development of proposition at Arcadis Gen, helping asset-intensive organizations achieve exceptional performance through digital innovation and applied analytics. 

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