Adaptive Pathways

Adaptive Pathways helps public sector organizations plan for multiple futures with accuracy, enabling them to navigate uncertainty and remain flexible. Our analytics technology and modeling uses your asset network data to plan for different scenarios, so you can adjust to changing circumstances over time.


Create a versatile plan for multiple futures, reducing the need for adjustments, ensuring nimbleness and adaptability to changing circumstances. This initial plan is a hedge against uncertainty, allowing flexibility to pivot as conditions evolve. 

By having a dynamic and flexible approach to planning, you can better prepare for and manage risk, especially in the face of uncertainty.

Eliminate indecision caused by uncertainty. Don't waste time and effort trying to achieve excessive certainty about unpredictable events. You can now create a comprehensive plan for all potential futures, providing confidence that you are prepared for whatever happens.

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Arcadis Gen has 20+ years of experience in advanced optimization. Our optimizers result from postdoctoral research and we were audited by top infrastructure organizations. We pioneered GA optimization for complex investment challenges in the utilities sector. Our apps primarily use linear optimization for exceptional speed and real-time outputs. Want more details? Contact our Analytics team.

You'll have your data, though it may not be organized. Our experts will collate it into the required format. We have a library of atypical asset performance in your sector gathered from decades of engineering knowledge and client assignments. We'll provide it free of charge.

Our robust service level agreements and support center offer our customers unmatched technical and subject expertise when needed.

The Project Prioritizer tool is interactive, and it helps you identify your "quick win" projects. Answering four questions generates a personalized plan.

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