Fleet 2 Zero

Take your fleet of vehicles from carbon to electric
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Reduce your carbon footprint
Build a tailored model

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Make the transition to an electric fleet effortless.
Access a tailored model that clearly guides you on how to set up your EV infrastructure, how much money you will save, and how this investment will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Accelerate your carbon neutral journey

Our smart tool will build a plan specifically made to fit your needs, requirements, and goals. Fleet 2 Zero (F2Z) will also provide clear information on how impactful your investment is towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Comprehensive how to guide

Fleet owners and managers can use the tool to build clear and detailed plans that provide a step-by-step course of action on how to effectively go from carbon to electric. With so many factors and considerations to keep in mind when performing this conversion, F2Z makes this process seamless.

Track impact of your investment

By investing in F2Z you will be able to quickly track how much money you are saving as well as the environmental impact your organisation will deliver with by converting your fleet of vehicles from carbon to electric.

Insights you can trust

We built this tool using state-of-the-art technology, as well as industry datasets and subject matter experts knowledge to quantify everything from the expected cost of purchase and installation, to the fuel and carbon savings that will be delivered. All of this will equip the fleet owner with all of the guidance and metrics to underwrite their investment plan for the conversion.


Enterprise-level results in an affordable single app. State-of-the-art algorithm and subject matter experts’ knowledge working intuitively to build a tailored model.

The tool will give you clear visibility and understanding by using metrics to show the impact your investment is delivering.

Get setup in days with minimal training required, on a safe and secure cloud-based app, for immediate business insights.

Set up your conversion plan confidently by following the steps built by F2Z and effectively deploy your electric vehicles.

Safely adopt a zero-carbon emission strategy that ensures your operations remain efficient while being cost effective.

Once the new infrastructure is installed, the solution allows you to manage all of these new assets so that you can stay on top of their performance.

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Fleet owners can gain access to Fleet2Zero via the Gen marketplace. If they use existing recognised telematics providers, they can access Fleet2Zero directly and request an optimised conversion plan. Otherwise they will be connected with an expert engineer in Arcadis Core who will work with them to gather together the data needed to inform the plan.

Fleet2Zero uses a state of the art genetic algorithm to search through all of the possible choices for vehicle design, vehicle deployment and charging infrastructure provision to find the conversion solution that achieves the operational needs of the fleet whilst incurring the lowest conversion cost.

Fleet2Zero uses industry datasets and captured SME expertise to quantify everything from the expected cost of purchase and installation, to the fuel and carbon savings that will be delivered, equipping the fleet owner with all of the guidance and metrics to underwrite their investment plan for the conversion.

With climate change concerns driving EV adoption to an all-time high, a shift in our transportation technologies is also required to address this. Governments all across the globe have made it clear that zero carbon vehicles are the future, so we’ve created a solution to guide you through this process. With F2Z you can stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide value to your customers in a sustainable way.

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