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5 Benefits of an on-the-ground maintenance app

When it comes to day-to-day maintenance operations, asset managers and their teams need to be agile and have access to tools that allow them to perform their tasks quickly and effectively, especially when on the ground. Normally, this means recording data through arbitrary methods rather than cohesive processes, and then uploading this information once you finally have access to a computer. This creates silos and increases the chance of inaccurate data, especially if this is uploaded late.

Through our Mobile Work Execution app, we’ve created an asset management solution that is purpose-built for your on-the-ground maintenance team, enabling collaboration and efficiency.

Here are five benefits of an on-the-ground maintenance app:

  • 1. Collaborative
    An on-the-ground app is optimized for maintenance workers and empowers them with the ability to complete work orders while in the field. This increases accuracy and gives them the opportunity to record key asset information and insights in real time.
    Team members can also be connected to a single work order and process it together, as well as receive updates as they happen.

  • 2. Highly accessible
    As you will need to be able to access this tool at any time, the leading user experience and user interface will give you with the confidence to engage with the app, record data, and trust the insights that are presented.

  • 3. Time efficient
    By using an app, you can complete manual tasks such as filling out work orders and forms more quickly and in a much simpler way. Usually, these types of tasks require a lot of manual paperwork and clunky data entries procedures that could take additional hours to complete.

  • 4. Increased accuracy
    Thanks to the app’s ability to let users record information and manage assets in real time, your field maintenance will be carried out in a more efficient and timely way, reducing the number of inaccurate data inputs and duplications.

  • 5. Offline capability
    In case of poor service or network connectivity, your teams will still be able to collaborate and manage the data directly on the app, thus not affecting their day-to-day when working from more remote areas.

Speak to one of our experts today to see how the Mobile Work Execution app could boost your day to day operations and help your teams work in a more efficient way.

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