Run a safer, more efficient fleet – with greater sustainability over the lifetime of each asset in real-time.


Want to hear more about this product?

Matt Gorham

Business Lead Mobility

Want to hear more about this product?


Internationally benchmarked

Balance safety, reliability, affordability and capacity with an internationally benchmarked enterprise asset management (EAM) solution, trusted by some of the world’s largest transport operators.

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Real-time asset management

Ensure your fleet meets service availability requirements through automated asset management and maintenance systems. Discover capacity generation and availability management tools so you can predict and prevent asset failure in real time.

All in one solution

Assure lifecycle data quality from the front line through to the boardroom. Manage reactive and planned fleet maintenance in one place, while understanding service impacts and adherence to compliance standards.

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Improve reliability

A comprehensive solution to help you optimise your rail fleet for improved reliability, lower maintenance costs, better risk management, faster return on investment and happier passengers.

Discover Rail Fleet Enterprise Asset Management Solution

  • Visualize complex exam hierarchies along with industry standards, providing an easy view of when critical work needs to be completed
  • Real-time reporting and business intelligence with pre-configured reporting and management of all aspects of performance and compliance
  • Enhanced command and control giving you the ability to rapidly respond to an incident ensuring a well-managed service recovery
  • Quickly identify the failing asset and crucially the correct maintainer(s) who carry the commercial obligation to resolve the fault
  • Integrated Fleet Availability Management (FAM)  to manage planned and reactive work and always ensuring sufficient stock is available to meet the required timetable
  • Built for your business, see benefits in a matter of months with pre-configured software solutions by rail fleet specialists
  • Realize sustainable benefits through our ongoing support program of industry best practice and continuous improvement
  • Optimize asset reliability and reduce maintenance costs

Contact us today and find out how you could:

Improve reliability of fleet assets across your portfolio.


Reduce maintenance costs by up to 20%.


Improve forecasting to yield up to 20% in savings.


Make real-time decisions with confidence.

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