Arcadis Gen is united around a single purpose

To unlock the power of data for a more sustainable, efficient and resilient world. We want to create a strong Gen identity where our values bring us together and our people and our culture drive success.

Our vision for Health & Safety (H&S) is to embed a culture that empowers our people to engage in H&S day-to-day, with our primary objective being to achieve zero incidents in everything we do, ensuring Gen’s people, and those with work with, remain safe every day.

To achieve this vision and TRACK to 0 we are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do and integrate H&S standards and best practices into all aspects of our operations, and our solutions, to manage risk and bring the best outcomes for our people and customers.

Arcadis Gen Health and Safety Policy

At Arcadis Gen H&S is a requirement for operational excellence and is fundamental to how we conduct our business. The board considers H&S to be a core management function and will ensure that the necessary resources are allocated, and our people are consulted and involved, to successfully implement this policy and the underpinning management system in full.

As an organization and as individuals, determined to achieve a zero-incident culture, Arcadis Gen and its people:

  • Keep H&S first in all we do, all of the time.
  • Embrace and embed the Fundamental H&S Principles.
  • Proactively recognize hazards, assess risks, and control those risks in everything we do, every day (Our TRACK philosophy).
  • Act only when we understand the hazards and controls and exercise our authority to stop work.
  • Demonstrate visible H&S leadership and know that active H&S stewardship is an expectation of employment.
  • Hold our leaders and our people accountable for H&S.
  • Comply with applicable legal and other H&S requirements.
  • Actively care for our people and stakeholders by intervening when we observe at-risk behaviours or unsafe conditions and addressing them promptly.
  • Recognize our people for proactive H&S behaviours.
  • Ensure that our people are competent to do their work safely.
  • Demonstrate commitment to employee consultation, participation, and representation.
  • Rigorously qualify, select, and evaluate our subcontractors for H&S performance.
  • Encourage our stakeholders to align with our H&S culture and collaborate with them to achieve zero incidents.
  • Communicate lessons learnt and best practices.

The Board acknowledges that the primary responsibility for the successful implementation of this policy lies with itself. It also recognises TRACK to 0 as a challenging objective which can only be achieved if all Arcadis Gen people understand, believe in, demonstrate, and communicate these commitment s and engage in the continual improvement of our H&S system and performance each and every day.

Mike Rose
Chief Revenue Officer

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