Sustainable solutions to keep the rail network moving

Improve reliability, reduce costs, and optimize decision-making across your entire rail asset life cycle.

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A data-driven view of the entire asset lifecycle, from the earliest stages of strategic planning, right through to operational delivery. Select your sector to find the right solution for your organization. 

Featured Products & Solutions

Rail Infra EAM Hero

Rail Infrastructure (EAM) Enterprise Asset Management

Tackle the challenges of growing customer demand, complex systems, and affordability.
Rail FAM Hero

Rail Fleet Availability Management (FAM) Solution

See the status of your assets in real-time, giving you the ability to allocate service based on the status of your fleet's openwork - putting you in full control.
Rail Fleet EAM

Rail Fleet Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

Run a safer, more efficient rail fleet –with greater sustainability over the life time of each asset.
Vertically-Integrated-Railway-EAM Hero

Vertically Integrated Railway Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

Digitally model your entire rail network with an asset, performance, and safety management solution.

Enterprise Asset Management

Improve reliability, manage capacity, and minimize disruption with a game-changing Enterprise Asset Management solution - designed to help you plan with confidence.
EDA hero image

Enterprise Decision Analytics

Optimize expenditure with asset investment planning and decision support analytics solutions.
UVO Hero

Universal Visual Optimizer

Optimize investments and projects against any set of constraints. Whether it’s budgetary, resource, risk or performance, realign investment priorities in a single web-based app.

Data Quality Repair

Don't let bad data disrupt on your business decision making. Let Arcadis Gen's Data Quality Repair help you with your needs.
DQV Improved data quality

Data Quality Visualization

Visualize your data using the best app in the market today. Learn more about Arcadis Gen's Data Quality Visualization here.
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