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Could your client benefit from Arcadis Gen products and solutions? The answer is yes! (probably). There are a few ways to tell if your client would be a good fit for the products and solutions Gen has to offer.

Firstly, let's consider if this client falls into Gen's core markets of water, energy, transportation, and buildings. These are the focus areas where Gen is building digital products to solve many asset management and sustainability challenges for asset-intensive organizations. Within these core markets, if you hear your client worried about topics like:

  • Asset resilience & reliability

  • Robust & predictive asset investment planning

  • Safety performance

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Achieving sustainability goals (e.g. carbon reduction)

Next, let's consider who your client is! What role do they play in the client organization? Gen's typical customers might include asset managers who are responsible for operating & maintaining infrastructure safely, efficiently and with minimal customer service disruptions. Gen also works with executive teams, for example the CFO, who are responsible for strategy and transformation of their organizations in the digital age, while answering to shareholders and regulatory pressures. Gen's solutions also address capital program managers who are responsible for making smart, data-driven decisions to ensure the control and performance of their programs. If any of these people sound like your client, it's time to call Gen!

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Finally, there are common questions that clients will ask that Gen can solve. Those topics range from strategic (long term investment planning), to tactical (setting budget and service targets), to operational (daily asset performance) and cover what happened in the past and what might happen in the future.

They might sound like:

  • What should the strategy be for the future of our assets?

  • How much do we need to spend this year and what are our service targets?

  • What is our operations & maintenance schedule for today and tomorrow?

  • Why did my assets fail and how big is the problem?

  • What’s the risk my assets will fail into the future and what are the reasons?

  • What can I do to prevent failure in the most efficient way possible?

If you've been asked these questions by your client, Gen has a product that can solve them and will work with you to get your clients the best in class answers.


If you have a client in mind that you think would benefit from working with Arcadis Gen, get in touch with us to learn more! Curious about Gen and want to know more about our strategy and how we work with Arcadis?


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