Working with Gen

The how and why of working with Gen

We love engaging with our Arcadis colleagues; learning and growing in the digital space together! Right now, Gen and Arcadis work together in three ways:

Arcadis represents existing Gen products with clients on current and future projects in the rail, water, energy, and highways sectors. When Arcadis brings Gen’s digital solutions to their clients, they differentiate Arcadis from the competition, add more value to the client engagement and position Arcadis for future consultancy work.

Arcadis and Gen work together to embed a Gen product in an existing Arcadis service. This allows Arcadis to standardize services and work more efficiently, increasing margin and ultimate value to their client.

Arcadis and Gen collaborate on new ideas for products and digital innovation.When we work together, we address gaps in the market, provide solutions to pressing industry challenges and position ourselves as trusted partners and thought leaders with our clients. Universal Visual Optimizer (UVO) is a great example of a new product designed to help asset intensive organizations planand recover their capital investments in a post-pandemic world.

Where to find out more

If you’re interested in learning more about Gen and our current product offerings, the best place to start is on our website where you can find product descriptions, benefits and customer stories. From there, you’ll be able to find the appropriate salesperson to help you learn more about how a Gen product might help your client.

If you have a great idea that you think Gen should develop, submit your idea to the global QuickLaunch program! Gen is looking for the next disruptive idea that can be packaged as a standalone solution and is scalable across markets and industries. By submitting your idea through QuickLaunch, it will be reviewed by the right people across Arcadis and Gen to determine where to best develop the idea. If it’s not at Gen, Arcadis will recommend another way to bring your idea to life.

Finally, if you’re not sure where else to go, Gen has brought Mary John on to work with Arcadis to grow and sustain our partnership. As Head of Arcadis Connections & Collaboration, reach out to Mary with questions on the working relationship between Arcadis and Gen, client opportunities or markets you think would be a good fit for Arcadis and Gen to work together, and current Gen customers in your region.


Mary John

Mary John

Head of Arcadis Connections & Collaboration

Mary believes in the power of simple communication and the importance of stakeholder management in a complex and technical industry. Her role is to communicate the benefits of technology and information to a wider group of stakeholders, including customers and Arcadis, building better teams as a result.

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