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Universal Visual Optimizer (UVO) is a decision-making tool that uses the power of optimization to weigh projects, schemes, rehabs, replacements and more, to quickly scenario-plan for the mathematically best possible outcomes.

Imagine that a client who owns multiple facilities would like to evaluate how to best spend their budgets across each of them and across the different needs. They have a budget of US$500,000 per year to spend on upkeeping the building, efforts to become more sustainable, gain LEED certification, and contribute to the overall wellness of the tenants of each building. With that in mind, what would be the best allocation of resources towards these competing goals? With UVO, the client can benefit from the power of mathematical programming and optimization to help achieve these goals.

Below, in scenario one, we examine what happens if all the money is spent on occupant wellbeing. Of course, this scenario might seem straightforward, and we may not need optimization to do this. An appropriate way to spend the budget is on the projects which have the highest impact in this area, like creating green spaces and access to nature. Considering this, UVO delivers the best selection of projects to move forward to maximize the total achievement of wellbeing as scored by the individual projects. In this case, the client has an 8% performance increase by using optimization. It is typical for optimization to yield anywhere from a 6% to 30% performance gain over prioritization when compared, utilizing the same budget. This means we can achieve more without spending more.

In scenario two, we examine what happens when we bring in the client’s other organizational strategic objectives. It is important for them to look for opportunities to create occupant wellbeing, but it's also key to maintain ADA compliance, identify opportunities to increase energy savings, become more sustainable, work towards LEED certification, and upkeeping the existing critical assets within those facilities to minimize risk. Now, identifying the path forward and the allocation of funds becomes much more difficult, however, UVO can weigh in competing goals and maximize all strategic initiatives simultaneously to deliver a best possible achievable plan.

Additionally, UVO also allows for easy scenario comparison. If a decision is made to place a certain level of importance on one objective, what are the trade-offs in other areas? UVO shows the trade-offs of any decision quickly when scenario planning, so that we can see the granular project by project level as well as at an aggregated portfolio level.

With UVO you can rely on the power of optimization to achieve your goals in the most efficient and optimal way possible. Speak to one of our experts today to get started.

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