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How Arcadis Gen unlocks the power of data with AppliedInsight

"AppliedInsight is a one-stop resource for advanced analytics. A secure cloud-based digital platform where anyone (even those of us without a PhD in data science) can transform their asset data into actionable insights."

It’s been over a year now since Arcadis demonstrated its commitment to digital leadership with the launch of Gen. Fresh from the challenges of 2020, and with the new strategy to rally around, celebrating our first birthday energized us to put our game faces on for what’s coming next. Like for our peers, partners, and customers, it wasn’t easy navigating our way through 2020. But Gen’s agility as a growing organization, combined with the passionate, knowledgeable individuals that make up our teams are the vital factors that got us to where we are today.

So, what are we generating next?

We’re aligned around a single purpose: to unlock the power of data for a more efficient, resilient, and sustainable world. To achieve this, Gen is committed to making our world-class industry knowledge available to organizations of all sizes through advanced asset analytics and increasingly modular and productized technology.

So, we are excited to announce the launch of our new SaaS platform, AppliedInsight, a one-stop resource for advanced analytics. A secure cloud-based digital platform where anyone (even those of us without a PhD in data science) can transform their asset data into actionable insights.

Unlocking the power of data through AppliedInsight

As Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues become central to our clients’ strategies, AppliedInsight’s suite of intuitive challenge- and process-specific applications complement the systems that they already rely on to offer data-driven insights that can guide their decision-making. Our goal is to empower asset-intensive organizations to unlock their own data to make better management and investment decisions for greater sustainability, efficiency and resilience.

As our clients seek new ways to integrate sustainability into their strategy and business models, our data-driven solutions are continuously evolving to meet their needs. Underpinned by the technology behind Gen’s Enterprise Decisions Analytics software and drawing on our experience working with some of the world’s largest utilities, AppliedInsight’s app-based interface provides a suite of highly focused, industry-specific analysis solutions – in bite-sized chunks. We understand that sustainability issues are not just add-ons, but core to organizations’ strategies. So we built AppliedInsight because we believe it is a necessary technology for organizations that are genuine about their commitment towards stakeholders and towards having a positive impact on society.

AppliedInsight offers asset-intensive organizations an accessible, affordable first step towards digitalization, through cloud-based app subscriptions available to purchase from Gen’s new e-commerce marketplace. For example, the Water AI Pipe Predictor uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help utilities identify and predict water and wastewater pipes that are most likely to fail. Or for those taking their first steps in understanding their data, we offer Data Repair and Visualizations apps that help even the most digitally immature organizations start their journey towards digitalization.

Digitalization, without the disruption

Uprooting datasets from several platforms to a single digital platform can be overwhelming for any business. The key here is practical, process-specific innovation. AppliedInsight is engineered to move organizations toward digital maturity without the risk, so they can enjoy faster, data-based decision making.

This is next-generation analytics designed with business owners in mind. We’ve distilled decades of industry experience into targeted, outcome-driven apps to help organizations turn their data into actionable insights.

Positive disruption for a more sustainable tomorrow

Gen was created at the start of 2020 to accelerate Arcadis’ digital transformation, rapidly and profitably growing Arcadis’ revenues from digital product-based solutions and scalable recurring revenue

It’s wonderful to see this vision come to life, but this is just the start of our journey. With the applications available today and many more in development, we’re creating the go-to webstore for the asset management community. We’re living up to our promise of positive disruption by offering an alternative to expensive, complex enterprise software, productizing our deep sector expertise and offering solutions that can be rapidly consumed to deliver insights, helping the infrastructure world become more sustainable and resilient for the future.

Find out more about AppliedInsight here.

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