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Water AI Pipe Predictor and Pipe Replacement Optimizer

Reduce your water pipe risk and costs while optimizing your capital improvement plan
Having to work with many challenging constraints, most city governments and water authorities will usually only invest in repairing their water pipes when breaks occur. And when it comes to emergency breaks, the repairs are not only exponentially more costly than proactively replacing aging infrastructure beforehand, but the social and environmental cost in your local community can also be great.

For water and sewer distribution mains, our Water AI Pipe Predictor and Pipe Replacement Optimizer (WAIPP Pro) calculates the likelihood of failure of water and wastewater pipes and combines Consequence of Failure (CoF) values to assess Risk. WAIPP Pro then runs an optimization that grants you the ability to choose which pipes to replace based on budget constraints and risk goals, empowering you to take a proactive approach to water pipe failure.

Our software provides an annual list of assets to replace for maximum risk reduction (or target risk value), while staying under your specific budget constraints for the next 25 or 30 years. With this data at hand, your multi-year maintenance plan becomes a valuable asset for your capital improvement planning (CIP).”

Make data-driven decisions to choose which pipes to replace before any breakages happen, saving you costs and ensuring the services you provide to your community run smoothly.

Save costs and avoid service interruptions with optimization
Get the most of your budget and plan better in the short and long-term by optimizing the budget you are allocating to replace pipes which are likely to break before they do, avoiding significant interruptions.

Improve your CIP with the power of data
WAIPP Pro makes it easier and faster to visualize your asset's likelihood of failure, consequence of failure and Risk, being also able to optimize your capital improvement plan for the years to come.

Reduce risk
Get an annual list of all the assets that are most likely to fail and should be replaced, so that your Risk is reduced, while staying under budget for the long-term.

Get more funding for your projects
Since WAIPP Pro helps you justify your decisions with data, you'll also be able to justify rate increases that are needed to make a meaningful impact on risk, helping you receive funds based on impact.

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