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Dunea Water, Netherlands

Dunea is a water utility organization based in the Netherlands, and for over 140 years they have produced and supplied tasty and reliable drinking water to approximately 1.3 million customers in the western part of the country. To maintain their market leading position, Dunea leveraged asset management decision software to help them better understand their assets and make informed decisions on how to improve their operations. With Arcadis Gen and their Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) technology, they were able to achieve this goal.

Improved capital investment, with cost savings of c.€6Million

Reduced capital spend by c.€2m

Re-distribute c.€4m to customer benefit programmes

Better targeted investment, with a reduction of 15km of pipe replacement per annum

The Challenge
Dunea was in a strong position when they began the working with Arcadis Gen, already possessing a good foundation to build upon which included a quality data register and existing analysis focused on asset reliability and maintenance planning. Still, they felt that they were ready to upgrade their use of analytics and improve their decision making.

The Solution
The EDA technology has helped Dunea acquire unique business planning abilities.

Following an initial pilot in a single operating region that allowed Dunea to better understand how to invest in assets to achieve the desired business performance and risk outcomes, they rolled out across the entire business and all regions.

The Result
As a result of working with Arcadis Gen and EDA, Dunea is now able to take asset management into the boardroom, with confidence. The ability to quickly run multiple investment scenarios and visually display results through built-in visualisation tools allows senior management to quickly compare any number of scenarios and see the impact of changes to budgets or against KPI’s.

Another benefit is the platform encouraged greater collaboration within the team. Thanks to the central system to house knowledge, modelling methodologies and investment scenarios, EDA ensures there is always ‘one version of the truth’ and that the information is accurate.

We needed to deliver efficient asset investment plans to ensure we get the best value from our assets, which in turn keeps our costs lower for customers. At the same time, we needed to minimize risk. One of our key values is innovation, which includes how we approach problems to find new solutions. This project is an innovative solution to help us in our long-term strategic decision making.”

Robert Wells, Electricity North West’s Asset Management Modeling Manager

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Joe Roebuck,

Global Analytics Leader

With over 20 years experience in the water, energy and transport sectors, Joe intends to keep pushing the envelope so sectors, particularly water, can make the best use of their data and analytics to meet current and future demands.

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