Improving service levels for their customers

Yorkshire Water provides the collection, treatment and distribution of water in the county of Yorkshire. They needed support to deliver the best possible performance across its multi-million-pound network of underground pipes and complex above-ground infrastructure; with more than 700 water and sewage treatment works, 120 reservoirs, managing and maintaining over 105,000 miles of water and sewerage mains.

Using Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) we delivered a business as usual system to support enhanced service levels throughout their business. As part of the “Decision Making Framework” (DMF) the EDA system was integrated with SAP and other enterprise applications to provide a single asset management process. This end-to-end process covered strategic long-term investment decisions as well as day-to-day reactive and proactive network activities.

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Joe Roebuck

Global Analytics Leader

Want to hear more about this product?

Outperforming performance commitments

The overall system enables Yorkshire Water to re-calibrate its business plan on an ongoing business-as-usual basis, setting the foundations and agility needed for outperforming its performance commitments.

By using 6 capitals thinking, working in partnership with us, they understood the positive and negative impacts that their assets and actions have on the wider economic, social and environment in which their customers live.


  • Alignment of proactive and reactive interventions in line with their strategy

  • Allows clear links to be established between asset and operational activities

  • As part of the wider DMF program it provided the foundation for improved service levels and better levels of customer service

  • Providing long-term resilience through detailed uncertainty and sensitivity analysis, coupled with a flexible system that can respond and evolve to the changing regulatory climate

  • Enabling robust investment decisions for its strategic and business-as-usual plans

  • Captures the impact of proposed investments from a social, economic and environmental perspective by utilizing 6 capitals thinking with the system

  • Providing innovation and new ways of working that result in more affordable bills for their customers

"Yorkshire Water have worked closely with Arcadis Gen to replace our previous tool and develop our new Decision Making Framework (DMF). We have utilized their Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) software as our systems engine for decision making to ensure continuation of excellent service to our Customers. The system is fully deployed and our staff trained in its use.

To ensure we made the most optimal decisions in our PR19 plan we worked with Arcadis Gen to build a suite of asset models that cover the majority of our above and below ground assets. We utilized the portfolio optimizer to carry out cross asset investment scenarios to ensure we fully understood the cost and benefit for the entirety of our PR19 plan. The EDA system has allowed us to capture our industry leading 6 capitals benefit valuation into the decision making process, which was central to our PR19 plan.

The flexibility of EDA has meant that we could quickly and easily update the system where new service objectives emerged, for example the comparative performance measures from OFWAT. The information visualization capability of the system has ensured we can communicate outputs of complex data science to non-technical experts to aid our decision making.

We enjoy working with Arcadis Gen and together we have had our best technical minds produce a set of asset and portfolio models that we are proud of. Having successfully used EDA for PR19 we now look forward to utilizing the system as "business as usual" throughout AMP7 in delivering our performance commitments to our customers." Andrew Smith, Yorkshire Water, Manager of Business Risk & Investment, 2018

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