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Northumbrian Water Group, United Kingdom

Northumbrian Water is a water utility company in the United Kingdom providing mains water and sewerage services in the English counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and parts of North Yorkshire, as well as supplying Essex and Suffolk.

Over three million people rely on their services, so maintaining efficiency is paramount. Furthermore, understanding how to better manage investment plans and use the budget available in an optimal way was another key reason why Northumbrian Water worked with Arcadis Gen to meet their objectives.

Reduced reliance on external consultancy with a saving of c.£200k

Ability to run multiple investment scenarios, improving decision making

Minimize carbon footprint through efficient asset investment planning

Internally housed software on MS Azure saved c.£100k on optimisation fees

The Challenge
Northumbrian water needed to adopt a more analytical approach with their decision making, a change that would simplify their review processes, as well as saving time and effort.

They also relied on external consultants to help them better understand their assets and create investment plans, which cost them money and meant they didn’t have total control.

Arcadis Gen Enterprise Decision Analytics (EDA) provided the analytical capability the water company needed. This allowed them to take optimal decisions for infrastructure assets to maintain high customer service levels.

The Solution
As part of Northumbrian Water Group’s digital transformation, Arcadis Gen EDA software was earmarked as a quick win to deploy onto their MS Azure cloud environment, due to the modern technology it’s built upon, further strengthening their internal modelling and optimization capability.

In order to achieve their objectives, Arcadis Gen EDA software helped to optimize asset investments for their business plan. The first focused on clean water infrastructure assets, predicting the investment needed to maintain service levels for customers including bursts, interruptions and repairs on other ancillary assets.

The Result
Following the success of the initial implementation, Arcadis Gen delivered a waste-water model for their gravity network which helped Northumbrian Water Group understand the impact of sustainable, long-term investment over 25 years, on collapsed sewers, blockages, flooding and pollution.

“We worked with Arcadis Gen with a clear aim to understand how our water distribution and sewer networks performance will deteriorate over time. This helps us understand the service these assets can provide and the best options we can deploy to balance investment and meet our customer’s service objectives. This work feeds into our investment plans so we can optimise how we deploy our solutions. Arcadis Gen have supported us on this journey and provided innovative solutions that meet this goal.”

Nicola Walsh, Northumbrian Water, Head of Asset Intelligence.

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Joe Roebuck,

Global Analytics Leader

With over 20 years experience in the water, energy and transport sectors, Joe intends to keep pushing the envelope so sectors, particularly water, can make the best use of their data and analytics to meet current and future demands.

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