Best in class asset management

One of the leading Distribution System Operators in Scandinavia, Evonet, needed an enterprise level solution to take their risk-driven investment planning approach to the next level.

Evonet supply energy to 325,000 homes and companies across Denmark and has some of the lowest customer interruptions across the industry. Faced with increasing expectations from its shareholders, regulator and customers, they knew that traditional age and condition-based investment plans were no longer good enough.

Want to hear more about this product?

Simon Evans

Sales Operations Manager

Want to hear more about this product?

Best in class asset management

Evonet’s market-leading risk driven investment planning approach uses an adaptation of the GB CNAIM  methodology to use available information and data to calculate and forecast risk for Extra-High Voltage (EHV) assets.

But they knew that spreadsheets could only take them so far – the next step was to introduce an enterprise level solution, fit for both strategic business planning as well as business as usual investment decision making.

Using our Enterprise Decision Analytics decision support tool across 16 asset types, Evonet can now evaluate scenarios to understand risk, performance and cost implications, perform cross-asset optimization across asset types, and identify efficiencies to improve performance across the network; solidifying their reputation as the industry leader.

By using our vast amount of data and analysing it in the EDA we can run strategic scenarios to better understand the trade-off between investments and risk.  We want to secure a better electrical grid for future generations to come and be a part of the green transition at affordable costs. EDA will help us achieve this mission.” Michael Plesner Østergaard, Chairman of the Board, Evonet

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