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When water assets fail: The many benefits of deploying WAIPP for your organization

When planning resource allocation and investment for your asset portfolio, the fear of pipe failure can loom large over your plans. In fact, the global cost has been estimated at an eye-watering $2.5 trillion.

Beyond the astronomical cost, pipe failure can halt water flow, lead to injuries, and even put the lives of your workforce in danger in the most extreme of circumstances. To top it all off, it’s pretty tricky to spot potential issues with your pipe network buried underground. To prevent the worst from happening, you need help from experts in the field. Or even better, help from a pioneering, expert technology – like Arcadis Gen’s Water (AI) Pipe Predictor (WAIPP) solution from AppliedInsight.

With WAIPP, your business can benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning to help you predict which of your pipe assets are most likely to fail and when. All of these insights can be gleaned from data analytics taken directly from your organization. Data in, predictions out – simple as that.

Here are 4 ways WAIPP pipe failure prediction can help your organization:

  • 1. Identifying failure factors
    WAIPP can show you how every asset property (diameter, location, material, year of installation, etc.) contributes to a potential failure. It will also give you a detailed understanding as to which local conditions and factors can drive most pipe failures. You can use this information to understand the most important risk factors that will largely determine which of your pipes will fail and when.

  • 2. Keeping costs down

    Not only will you benefit from enterprise-level results from a single app that’s affordable - you’ll also save on the financial consequence of failure (COF) from unexpected service disruptions. WAIPP’s advanced artificial intelligence allows you to mitigate any unplanned failures and significantly improves your chances of successful intervention before disaster strikes your assets.

  • 3. Making sense of complex data

    WAIPP will also help you to keep track of any large amounts of unstructured data you may have. We start by leveraging the value of the data in your current GIS system and go from there. Even if you think your organization doesn’t have much data to go on, you’d be surprised. You're likely already using it to make decisions within your current process – it’s just probably not organized within a single storage. Let our team of data experts walk you through the process of collating your data into the required format.

  • 4. Effortless integration

    With WAIPP, there’s no invasive or complex initial installation process. We’re a safe and secure cloud-based solution that’s ready to go in a matter of days, with very little training required. Minimal effort, maximum value.

It’s time to embrace cutting edge technologies

In the past, pipes would crack, leak, or break just as they do today - without warning. Now, we have an app to predict the likelihood of failure for all of the assets in your pipe network and enable you to develop and implement a maintenance or replacement strategy – Arcadis Gen’s Water (AI) Pipe Predictor.

Thanks to WAIPP, every water company can gain access to advanced analytics that will lead to accurate predictions of asset failures before they occur, without the need for a data scientist. Our cloud-based solution offers advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning for your water organization, with technology that has been proven to provide 60% more accurate predictions than traditional age-based prioritization methods for more sustainable planning.

So when it comes to predicting issues for your pipes, let our WAIPP technology future proof your world. To learn more, request a demo today.

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